ژل ضد حریق و آتش آریا

Anti Fire Gel

The above gel acts by creating a heat-absorbent layer and heat absorber on the surfaces as a protective and temporary and strong insulator to prevent the risks and damage from the heat or direct flame, in that the surface layer The above gel, the heat from the flame, and because of its high thermal capacity, keeps more heat and, after saturation, transfers more heat to its lower layer. It should be noted that the above layers coincide with the thickness of several molecules They are arranged and this cycle occurs to the end of the layer of gel layer on the surface,
The remaining gel can be collected at the end of the work and used for reuse, lined with water or washed with a cloth and, in cases where it is possible to remove and collect extra gel The gel should remain exposed to the air in the form of an ultra-thin layer (2 to 3 microns) over the surface after 24 hours.

The above gel has been used in all places where the flame or heat caused by it to humans or the surrounding objects is dangerous, which will be briefly mentioned in a few of the cases below.

Use as an individual protection in relief and fire fighting operations:

In this application, aid workers or firefighters, with some of this gel in their bags, can use their own solos in operations that have a high flame volume and require rescuers to enter the fire area for relief or rescue. And flames. Before wearing this gel, wear a gel on parts of your body that will be exposed to heat and flame, which will give people a warm and effective relief and operation, and then dress your clothes It should be noted that the above gel is easily washed with water and does not have any complications for human skin. Not (in many scenes, especially movies, the same gel used for the stunt in front of the camera).

Soloist for Feature Films and Scenes and Cinematic Stylists:

As you have seen in cinema films in many cases, in most movie sequences, actresses or strangers should be subjected to a direct fire, in which case the gel is used as a protector.

Protecting Soldering Operations in Electronic and SMD Circuits:

In this method, technicians use hot air for soldering and repairing circuits of laboratory devices, laptops, mobile phones, integrated circuit and laboratory circuits, which are due to high air pressure and the spread of hot air during repairs. On other printed circuit boards, other fragile pieces or even coarse pieces that are sensitive to high temperatures or are separated from their own premises or are exposed to high temperatures adjacent to the defective part are damaged and degraded. Use this gel and put it on the parts around the damaged piece to be used for repairing the damage. Avoid the damage that occurs during repairs.
It should be noted that the above mentioned extra gel can be reapplied after use and stored in a container for several times, and when not possible to collect it, the gel has been released to itself and after 24 hours time as An inert and ultra-thin layer (2 to 3 microns thick) remains on the surface and does not have any electrical transfer or conductivity properties.

Welding Repairs and Operations:

In many cases, during welding operations in the industry and in buildings or facilities, welding takes place on metal surfaces or metal pipes adjacent to nonmetallic materials such as wood, glass, plastics, nonmetallic ducts, or Water and sewage pipelines or power or telecommunication cables, or in cases where the milk used internally to seal rubber or plastic materials must be collected or detached from the weld area, but using Spray the gel and spray it all around the welding area and then wipe only the Moore Point

Use in extinguishing and extinguishing extinguishing fire and fire:

As you know, the fire triangle consists of 3 sides of combustion temperature and oxygen. A low concentration gel can be used in fire extinguishing operations, the mechanism of action of which is a pessimist of the face due to its absorption heat and the physical state of the gel Being first lowers and cools the combustion temperature quickly and significantly, and on the other hand, by coating and sticking to the surface of the combustion, it prevents oxygen from reaching the combustion 100% (in experiments) On flames with roots and in combustible materials where flame retardation is possible, there are very few fires Less back)

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