نانو مواد ضد آتش و دیرگداز

Self fire & Flame Retardant Material’s

 Self fire and flame retardant nano matrial’s :

The above materials are based on nanotechnology and design and production of Fakhrandish Arya Company, which is fully localized in Iran and can be supplied to customers both inside and outside the country. Which has been awarded to the graduates of this Marous Boom for four years, which is in the hands of the scientific and engineering community of the country, in order to take an important role along with other managers and practitioners of Iran’s land industry in preserving and protecting the achievements of Iranians. And a great wonderful step Protecting the country’s nanotechnology engineering position on international platforms and advancing the children of this border and canvas from other countries of the world, so that many of the customers of the materials are now the advanced countries of Europe and Asia, which is also a favor from the gods of the gods For Iran and Iranians.

The above materials, with the passive protection mechanism on some materials and surfaces or in certain groups, may also be synthesized and synthesized with other raw materials, which may be reduced or self-extinguishing in the elements and materials of human primordium and artifacts. It’s made possible by two methods of preventing corrosion and burning materials, and another of preventing the spread and release of flash and self-extinguishing against fire in materials using this technology. In this regard, For example, can be available video and run on materials such as chair foam, wood, cloth, and even some of the metals that should be protected at burning and …… which is on this page Or visit our dedicated channel.

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