تست مایع ذرات نافذ PT


Fakhrandish Arya Company is a manufacturer of consumables for testing high-quality penetrant particles in two types of base water and solvent base in Iran. The product is in containers of 1, 10 and 20 liters for use in industry or packaging in spray booths. Manual is available to consumers and producers of the country

It should be noted that the high cost and affordability of the above material against spray packets packed with pressurized gas is a powerful factor for the use of the above product in all industries to easily cost a lot less than the packaging materials In gas-pressurized metal spray cans, it is possible to apply 100% penetration test method at all welding stations, and to achieve the result of welding with complete and complete quality control against all kinds of cracks and imperfections, with calm and assurance. The above was placed on project supervisors and employer advisers in projects, projects, and industrial equipment

It should also be noted that at present, the product is packed in various packaging under other commercial names by the profitable individuals in the packaging of pressurized gas sprays in metal spray containers and is supplied to the industry through which the company is abusive. They will inform them and ask consumers to use these Iranian products to cut off profitable individuals from the domestic production and industry cycle.

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