نانومواد ضد آتش چوب Wood Flameretardant

Wood Fire Retardant Nano Material’s

Considering the range of use and use of wood varieties in human life from the past, and the danger of fire and fire, which has always placed this product in fire and hazardous materials during fire, there are several possibilities that have been available for this material from the past. It comes in the form of waterproof and lacquer or anti-insect and termite, today, with the help of our exclusive knowledge, our company has made it possible for our compatriots to protect their wood and wood products against fire and fire. To keep up with this ancient and ancient natural enemy, the fire of capital and its own lives and property, and in the event of a fire, Numerous losses and are not safe from fire and burning wood and other such items are safe.

This solution is possible with the use of nano-refractory materials and self-extinguishing products made by the company Arya, which are coated and impregnated with wood or wooden structures made and made with the above materials can be used during and during the fire Without the intellectual concern and stress and the danger of wood burning and woodwork, we have been trying to preserve the achievements and the lives and the lives of the people. In this regard, in order to get you as much information as possible, you will find below the video of the flame and fire test, as well as the images. Several projects and projects have been implemented and the methods of the above materials have been shown, which include the images with a little rational precision The method and method of execution, as well as the possible video on the fire test, are visible. You can also contact our company’s experts for more information and / or samples from various wood and wood industry industries. In order to provide advice and provide a solution for the retrofitting and immunization of wooden implements or items Take advantage of our telephone advice.

Refreshing wood and self-extinguishing

Gilan-style traditional restaurant

Anti Fire Wood

A picture of the immunization of the castle treasure complex made from palm leaves with nano materials

Anti Fire Wood