خمیر محافظ پشت جوش(آرگون جامد و یا Backweld Protector)

Purging Paste

Replacing rivets with minimum time and maximum quality

For all stainless steel, inconnell, and alloys alloys

Titanium, copper, chromium, nickel

The above dough is used as a new, high-performance, high-performance solution before connecting pipes or flat or non-geometric surfaces before welding operations to the back of the joints. The TIG welding method is applied as a thin layer and the entire The internal surfaces of the welding seam (base metal and metal filler) protect from corrosion and burn and harmful alloys. It should also be noted that in the case of this case, this article was introduced for certain projects from the United States to our country during the past years, where the welders gave the name “solid argon”, which, in recent years, has been subject to sanctions as well as Excessive use of this material and its specific uses in the military or nuclear industry, submarines and missiles is not at all available to our compatriots. However, thanks to Hazrat, the rights of this company for the first time on the continent of Asia and Europe have made this product Produced and recorded.

It should be noted that this product was first designed and manufactured by the US Army for military projects and is currently being supplied to other industries by military and political organizations.

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