نمد ضد آتش درب موتور خودرو

Anti-fire felt for automobile door


The above product is one of the other achievements of the Fakhrandish Arya Company, which was officially presented at the Auto Show on Safety and Fire in the automotive industry in the exhibition hall of SAPCO in October 1395. In this regard, it was presented to the managers and experts of the correspondence industry and Negotiations on the use of this product have been officially launched in domestic production vehicles, which unfortunately have not been used as a permanent product of automotive production in automobile production lines, but in the open market and personal consumers with luck. There is a general public and every one Removing domestic and foreign automobiles by purchasing this product or providing an inflatable wool on the outside of its motor vehicle (provided it is clean, free from dirt or wear) can be unique in all VIP cars in different countries. The world is considered for heads and individuals.

For further explanation, it should be noted that the insulating foam of the engine door, which has the main function of insulating the engine compartment from the noise caused by the car’s performance, during a fire or its own ignition as a fuel of flames and a very dangerous tool For propagation and spread of fire and flame in the entire area of ​​the front of the car that with a small amount of electric spark or flame from other combustible materials can be easily navigated at high speed and calorie to the car room and the occupants of the car, which with Use Fakhrandish Aria Fractional Materials Artificial Ink Technology to refine this item and turn it off Node comes in and the risk of fire and the spread of fire and car fire by this factor in general is eliminated.

It should be noted that at present, in a few built-in vehicles constructed in Iran for assembly or reverse engineering, there are two approaches to preventing this weakness or preventing the occurrence of issues related to the presence of this piece of vehicle in the vehicle: The general elimination of the problem’s problem is the lack of installation and use of the insulating foam of the engine door in the vehicle (such as Pride and 206, etc.), or the use of a combination of imported materials at a very high price and not very robust, resulting from the presence and use of these imported materials Expensive fires are commonplace, which is the opposite of the video produced by the company Bell observes that the Iranian product is much higher and more acceptable than the common materials of quality and stability in the very hard tests (full fusion of the elements composed of red and molten carbon) and maintains its full functionality. .

Hoping for the proper attitude of the automotive industry, this native and domestic achievement for the well-being of the people of this border and their practical and decisive support for domestic production and the ever-increasing quality of Iranian cars.

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