Fakhrandish Aria Co. is the first manufacturer of specialty chemicals for welding and cutting and anti-fire products in Asia and the Middle East


Pars Electropolish

Electropolish is a product for polishing your stainless steel parts with ease and saving your time

Sourena Welder Robot

Smart and Durable welding robot with welding capability in all cases based on MIG/MAG

Welding Fixture

Design and manufacture of various types of fixture and Accurate fixture for parts from 1kg to 3t. With a rotary speed control system

Tizan Tungsten Electrodes Sharpener Powder

A product for the health of welders and high precision in the welding process by saving time to sharpen tungsten electrodes and precision welding

Stainless Steel Washing Liquid Pickling

The liquid, with its excellent cleansing properties, for cleaning all the stainless steel surfaces that have been exposed to welding and have a change of color and burn or pollution on the surface

Stainless Steel Shine Liquid

The above Liquid has the advantage of superficial superfluid and chemical superficial properties to gloss all stainless steel surfaces for a variety of raw materials and surfaces of machines and devices that over time and precipitation and accumulation of contamination and … have an extraneous appearance, and after The use of this product will result in a change in the color or contamination of surfaces and components up to several times the time



The products manufactured by this company have always been in the face of foreign commodities, taking into account the basic and permanent quality of the product, and in some cases may be priced slightly lower than the price of the company’s products in the market, due to the fact that After the lack of technical and after-sales services for such products, we consider ourselves to be a sensitive spot and we always adhere to our reasonable price and reasonable profit, as well as after-sale services and the right advice, which is the most profitable profit for a customer. We will wait


Fakhrandish Ariya Co., with its mastery in interdisciplinary and basic sciences, as well as its children, in the field of designing and manufacturing of various types of industrial and machinery and robotics systems, as well as world-class chemicals (nanoscale materials) to Now he has brought new and unparalleled works in his golden book, which is why God has given us a hand in the hands of our fellow countrymen to write and publish the golden days of our times for Iran


The products of Fakhrandish Ariya Company are produced with high innovation and quality, and we never sacrifice the quality to the price


Fakhrandish Ariya Company requires itself to support the right and strong support from the beginning to the end of the process and the disruptive projects of its customers, and therefore always in updating its information and providing it to customers who are at the point of purchase must be completely transparent and correct


Fakhrandish Arya Company with several years of extensive experience in the fields of industrial and manufacturing industries, machinery, chemicals and industrial facilities is ready to provide specialized services


Providing the best warranty for products and technical support and advice for our customers is one of our ethics and beliefs for our customers