پتوی اطفاء حریق آریا

Fire Blanket

The product is a polyester fabric that has become a tool used to deal with fire and fire fighting using a special formula from the family of nano-materials.

Unlike other similar products, this product does not require any annual charge or special storage conditions. Fortunately, its use is very simple, functional and safe, and in the shortest possible time, without any environmental and physical pollution, the flame is turned off and itself The fire is the highest level of resistance, even compared to external ones.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the above product can be used for home fire extinguishing.

Due to the fact that the technology of construction of materials is entirely internal and is exclusive of Fakhr Andish Arya, it is possible that the size and thickness of fire blankets will be produced according to customer’s order. Therefore, for the first time in Asia and the Middle East, the company has been designing And produce a product at a size of 180 x 120 that can be delivered to relief agencies, organs, hospitals and even private individuals to use it as an effective tool for protecting people from flames and even carrying casualties (stretcher) This product is cohesive and tight in structural terms, in order to maintain the safety and health of the accident The Bus.

Fire Extinguishing Mode by Aria Fire Extinguisher Blanket

The use of fire extinguishers in household firefighting