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Anti Fire & Flame Retardant Resin

The above resin acts as an interrupter and prevents the burning of materials around the human body. Depending on the type and code chosen to suit your desired coating, as well as the method and thickness of the layer, the resin can last from 25 to 110 minutes from the occurrence of fire in materials or surfaces on which aria interrupted resin has been used to protect against flares. The above resin has 8 technical codes and different types for different applications and in a limited range of views. Colors are produced according to the order of the consumer, the method of using it is also very easy to use with a brush, or roller, or pysultate, or special pumps

– Protection of libraries, safes, document archives, firefighting boxes, large reservoirs of storage and storage of flammable and petroleum liquids and solvents, industrial and refinery metallurgical structures, melting furnaces and insulating them around them. , Metal structures that are exposed to the flame and heat generated by the rocket and their outlet temperatures, packaging of commercial goods packaged in paper and plastic cartons …….
After choosing the type of resin suitable for your application, apply the above resin to the appropriate thickness and designed to be executed by the tool on the surfaces. After 4 to 8 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity of the air and the environment The resin is completely dry and remains in place until it is confronted with fire and flame and heat. It is important to use this resin and to use it in open environments, in the vicinity of rain and snow, which are in free areas In the presence of natural precipitation, a protective layer of alkyd protective layer (oil or oil, etc.) should be used as a protector against atmospheric agents.

The company also has a research on the manufacture of anti-fire coating for at least 4 hours of sustainability according to its research orders, which will soon be available for sale and supply in the chain of Iranian manufactured products.

Application in automotive and automotive industries:

In many cases, when fire is caused by firefighters, a very small flame inside the engine compartment (felt or cover and insulation of the engine door) occurs to the entire surface of the vehicle in remote areas of the room chamber and its occupants. And by increasing the combustion temperature inside the engine compartment, it causes fire and flame spreading and extends to other parts of the car. It should be noted that inside the engine compartment, if there is a fire, many combustion materials do not fire from the car itself. And the reason is that gasoline or fuel from the rear of the car by the pump in front of the car and The engine part is stopped as soon as the car’s switch is stopped, and its transmission is also fully controlled. Other components also have a low burning power and do not carry serious or high risks in the fire, but do not, and the sound insulation that is in the vehicles for The engine cover covers the fire as a firewood and the main fire engine calorie in the car and engine compartment, which uses an anti-fire resin on the windshield or insulator of the engine door or other car’s It can be confronted with fire and flame, and never can fire spread. (As you can see in the pictures below, the fibrous parts and fibrous coatings have produced the highest temperature and temperature on the metals, and there has been a spread of fire and flame in these areas)

Railways & Airlines & Marine Industries:
Plastic foam plastic foam
Anti-fire wood video
Anti-fire cable video
Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Industries & Factory Facilities:

The topic of fire prevention of oil and gas structures and refineries and petrochemical complexes and huge industrial factories such as the steel and cement industry, etc., is one of the main topics of the design and construction of such structures and facilities, in critical situations such as earthquakes And the wars or catastrophes, fire and injuries caused by it will not cause huge human, economic or environmental disasters, so using these products, the industry can use the product to compensate for damage to the bottom line.

Missile and Aerospace Industries:

It is always one of the human problems in this kind of industry to control and prevent the introduction and transfer of heat from the friction of the metal body and the shell of the rocket into its internal compartment, which during arrival and departure to the atmosphere or at distances to reach Due to the friction of airborne weather, and with the rising shell temperature, the interior of the enclosure is also increased and all components and controls and the precision navigation and guidance systems are damaged or, in some cases, completely destroyed, and the missiles On the way to reaching the target (whether in war or research missiles or space), which scientists

– All missile launchers require a platform that has the angle and direction of launch at the start of the ride (launcher), usually these launching structures of metals or minerals, and also always have plenty of cables and wires, and The electric and electronic devices and devices that are permanently endangered by rocket launchers due to combustion gases and heat from the exhaust of the missile. Using these resins, these platforms can be damaged by the use of this resin on this structure and its various parts. The life and frequency of this type of structures increased several times, and a significant increase in the heat output and heat from the mouse K completely prevented.

It can also be used in a variety of tanks, carriers and military vehicles to cover and insulate the whole body or parts that are sensitive to heat and flame.

Video carton fireproof packaging
Foam foam fireproof foam
Video tube P.V.C fireproof
Anti-fire ionolite video
Structural and industrial and metal structures and coatings of warehouses and sandwich panels:

In buildings and structures of metal with general or specific uses such as shopping malls, hospitals, offices or hypermarkets, the use of this resin in accordance with the third chapter of the National Building Code is a mandatory requirement and standards in the construction of Iran and other The countries of the world depending on the user’s sensitivity and the desired structure of some of the main columns of the structure or other sensitive parts of the structure identified in the analysis, after applying the paint and anti-corrosion primer, using this resin, a layer on the structure and components They provide fire-retardant coatings for fire and weather conditions The temperature of the metal does not reach the dough temperature and the structure does not collapse and collapse. Fire and fire resin for this aria is a fundamental and safe use that is currently in use in many buildings in Iran.

The company also has been working on the manufacture of anti-fire coatings for at least 4 hours of resistance, as well as anti-fire and cement cements according to its research orders, which will soon be available for sale and supply in the chain of Iranian manufactured products.

Furnaces and boilers and boilers:

In many man-made tools and installations, fire as a major source of fire is involved, but in the presence and in sectors exposed to direct flame and heat, the industries and products such as industries Cement, ceramics, bricks, steel and casting metals, glass and crystal and glaze industries, etc., suffer from a lot of damage due to metal burns or corrosion, which causes the production lines to be restored to repair these parts and Or their replacement, and also due to the energy congestion and energy costs of the time and the huge rials in the high and intermediate industries and The bottom line is that with the use of fire and fire resin in the initial phase (the adjacent region of the direct flare of the burner), this phenomenon can be extremely dramatically reduced and in the process of production and storage of energy consumed or Periodic repairs at the site of the firefighters and firefighters of this facility have taken a long step in the entire industry.

Application and use in household ovens and restaurants and industrial ovens:

In many home and industrial gas stoves, traditional insulating glass or ceramic or wool is currently used as insulation against heat transfer and the melting of wires and accessories used in making these products. This type of insulation creates disadvantages such as itching and burning in the skin for housewives in the garden or whenever they want to clean the back of the stove or oven, on the other hand, due to the structure of the wool The hand insulators in the kitchen environment are a good place to live and work out a variety of banana insects or rodents, now For interior and exterior surfaces, or for the front panel of the stove, or for the middle layer, these artifacts should be used as an anti-fire and fire resin. As a strong, lightweight and non-hazardous insulation, the aforementioned products are compared to The fire and the heat it causes are safe. In the screenshots below, you can refer to the type of cover and application coverage in one of the products, in which the upper layer of the chamber is protected by a layer of anti-fire aria, and in no other way is heat or heat generated by the flame The top of the oven does not penetrate the surface of the stove and the middle of the oven.

Safe boxes and fireproof doors and special packages:

The above resin can be used to create safe areas or safes of fireproof doors or safes for diplomatic and political documents, or packaging cartons, or jewelry boxes as a heat shield in certain circumstances. Fire or in the vicinity of high-risk environments, documents or treasures contained in them shall be protected against fire and heat from direct flames or high temperatures caused by fire.

Fire Resistant Anti-Fire Aria 1

Fire Resistant Anti-Fire Aria 2

Fire Resistant Anti-Fire Aria 3

Fire Resistant Anti-Fire Aria 4

Specific and proprietary applications:

There are many specific and special uses of this product that are in operation at the moment. Therefore, in case of need for technical advice and advice, ask your questions to the technical department of the company to get advice from its engineers and consultants. .

Due to accidents such as sparkings from electrical systems, very small flames of lighters, or cigarettes, piles or matches of great human catastrophes in this group of vehicles that have closed architectural spaces and are distinct from outer space, much happened. In the early minutes of the fire, due to the formation of hydrogen cyanide gas, which is made of polyurethane foam and foam materials used in the mattresses and chairs of these vehicles, all crew and passengers are suffering from choking and cardiac arrest. Cyanide gas is suffering from death and an accident, and then the fire or heat caused by it acts to cause damage and anxiety Therefore, using an anti-fire and anti-fire resin, an aria under the coating of artefacts made of polymeric foam can be used to release hydrogen cyanide gas (one of the cyanide base compounds) to at least 30 It is delayed in minutes, which is very simple in expressing it, but in practice it is more than the time it takes to evacuate all passengers or persons present on an aircraft or on a ship or train. (Also, in a variety of submarine or submarine vessels Surface in the research or military industry can also be used to resist the objectives defined in the construction and operation Receiving these artifacts).

Fakhrandish Aria in the media

Fakhrandish Aria in the media

Fakhrandish Aria in the media

Fakhrandish Aria in the media

Fakhrandish Aria in the media